So I was listening to these really excellent drummers playing on the number 2 train to Brooklyn the other afternoon. When they were done with their set they announced their website. I'm not crazy about their site design, but I really think it says something that people who collect donations of loose change on the subway have a web presence.
Anyway, the group United Drummers of Yisrael are "25 young brothers from urban ghettos of New York" (although there were only 4 in that car) who claim to be "transforming their lives, situations and the lives of others." I can't speak to that but the sounds of their conga drums were certainly "spreading their musical message of positivity, joy and love" to me on my way home. I was particularly impressed with the way they played with the sounds of the subway. So many subway performers try to compete with noise and announcements and they either lose or risk being obnoxious. The UDY drummers were able to create positive feedback with the train; they even played very quietly under the announcements so as not to disturb or lose the beat.