Forget about Bratz - photoblogger David Gallagher has found what should be what every young girl (or boy) should get this holiday season: The How to Be a Journalist kit, at KMart! The secrets of journalism are unlocked through the power of glitter, confetti flowers, lockable journal and an idea booklet. Yes! Screw the Nellie Bly approach - we truly will be breeding a future generation of Mo Dowds, Judith Millers, Mary Mapeses, and Diane Sawyers!

Unfortunately, David wasn't able to take pictures of the "How to Be a Blogger" kit (Livejournal account, years of high school teasing, digital cable package, temporary heart tatoos, gift certificate to Urban Outfitters, Ashlee Simpson's "I Am Me" and black eyeliner that's very washable) or the "How to be a Photoblogger" one ("8mb flashcard, a decorative frame, pink rhinestone hair clips, a lip gloss bracelet, sparkle nail polish, and a vanity mirror," as per rion who has one).

And the Maureen Dowd Halloween costume kit, in a prototype edition this year, will be ready for 2006.