What's blue and red and sweats all over? Saturday's Snuggie Pub Crawl , which was the second blanket-with-sleeves drinking event to hit New York in as many weeks. Over 200 Snuggie enthusiasts donned their Snuggies on the most beautiful day of the year (so far), getting proudly loaded underneath their heat-trapping blankets with sleeves. Unlike last week's free Snuggie bender, yesterday's Snuggie Pub Crawl cost $20 for a day of drink specials (which not everyone paid) at east side bars, and part of the proceeds went to an orphanage in Tanzania.

The mood was predictably jubilant and awkward, and, as the above photos illustrate, there was much sartorial Snuggie creativity on display. The euphoric Snuggie spirit was perhaps best articulated by Simon, a pub-crawler who, for obvious reasons, would only give us his first name: "It's the best invention of all time, next to male masturbation." Gazing around at the sea of fellow Snuggie enthusiasts, his friend Craig noted, "It's a good time to be a part of Snuggie Nation."