The local news channels had been working themselves into a frenzy since last Thursday (well, we were, too) and it paid off yesterday when there was a hell of a lot of snow on the ground. Even Meet the Press was pre-empted for local snow coverage! Gothamist thinks we heard Al Roker's heart breaking as he broadcast from Torino this morning, because he was missing this awesome weather event - it was the lead story on the morning news shows, after all. Gothamist didn't watch all the news stations - we toggled between NY1, The Weather Channel, and WNBC 4 - but when you're a TV critic, you tend to watch more channels: David Hinckley at the Daily News felt the coverage ultimately portrayed the snowstorm as being like a "courteous and well-behaved blast of extreme, record-breaking weather," with some reporters even helping people move cars. Did you like - or hate - any of yesterday's news coverage? Gothamist scoffed at the "2nd greatest snowfall" graphics because big deal - until they turned into "record breaking snowfall" graphics.

We also enjoyed the Mayor's press conference, because of all the statistics about Department of Sanitation's snow removal plans. Interesting facts about the storm (and city's response) from the Mayor's Sunday press conference: "If you want to go out and enjoy the snow, please use common sense and have a little bit of patience. Dress warmly, wear hats, gloves, and boots."

Fox 5's snow alert graphic via Random Observations