Now that the snow is a slushy, disgusting mess, Gothamist has distance from this morning's troublesome commute (note to self: Wear wading boots and carry snow boots). But Toby at Random Observations has amazing analysis of the local news' weather coverage. Crazy graphics? Check. Maps of snowfall? Check. School closing alerts? Check. Not only did CBS take honors for being in "Weather Orgasm mode," "Dave Price made an appearance making a fool out of himself and a CBS producer in Central Park" (which is a little redundant anyway!).

Unfortunately, the Today Show's weird segment about ice sculpture didn't really count - some ice sculptors made these images of Matt Lauer and Katie Couric in the park (Central, we think)... while the Today folks were bantering about them in studio, a dog was running around the sculptures and stopped at Katie Couric's! Stupid control room cut to commercial.