So close, yet so far. (Original photo via renee_warren's instagram)

The Interactive end of SXSW starts today, but can it really start without the all-important citizens of New York—Bostonites sure, but New Yorkers? At press time, many are stranded in local airports as the fest somehow "starts" in Austin without them. And should they ever even get there, the weather nightmare could plague their entire trip. Editor-In-Chief of Jezebel, Jessica Coen—who is currently on the ground at Newark—tells us: "I have a friend who lives in Austin and said despite it being sunny 100% of the time, it's pouring right now. SXSW disaster." The rain is expected to last all weekend.

Here are some more transmissions being sent out of the area's airports, each one expressing unique-like-a-snowflake thoughts and reminding us that life is terrible, unfair:



Self pitying: