Lady Gaga may be one of the most powerful women according to Forbes, but the Jersey Shore kids are beating her in the Halloween costume contest. The reality television personalities are allegedly the most popular outfits of the season, despite looking like this.

Should the costumes come with a warning, though? It sounds like the designers built-in wardrobe malfunctions for Snooki's costume. An MTV rep told Wall Street Journal, "When you look at what Snooki wears on the show, sometimes there are some wardrobe malfunctions because of how short she likes her dresses. We needed the costume to be representative."

It was Pauly D who presented the biggest design challenge, however, which resulted in a molded hairpiece of his signature over-styled look. What does he think about people wearing his famous hair for Halloween? He said that "he didn't care if people were buying the costumes to make fun of him. 'Either good or bad, if you're talking about me, you're still talking about me. It's, like, free promotion.'"

Anyway, if you want to be more authentic, dress up as Snooki dressed up as a pickle—she says she's going as her favorite food for Halloween this year, and the holiday is really lacking in "slutty pickle" costumes.