Jersey Shore's Snooki is now officially annoying. The reality star was found guilty today of "annoying others" (it's a 13 year old local law on the Shore) during her drunken escapades on the beach earlier this summer. She seems relieved by her sentence, however, broadcasting over Twitter earlier: "Ah never again! So scary...thank you judge for understanding, I'm very thankful for that! Whew... now I can breath!"

She was given a $500 fine, and two days of community service... but the judge also slapped her with an insult, saying she's a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe." This was followed by a stern talking to, even though she apologized and said she was "very embarrassed" by her actions.

According to the NY Post the judge said if the antics were scripted for television, then she needs to decide "if it's worth trading your dignity for a paycheck." She replied, "It was not scripted, sir," which prompted him to tell her that her non-scripted actions were then "rude and self-indulgent. It's not the way you want to lead your life."