joewiig1008.jpgThere's some "odd couple" news coming from the gossip pages--NYMag is shedding some light on a NY Post print edition item calling out Kristen Wiig for allegedly canoodling with Joe...the (uncertified, republican) Plumber! That's right, folks, "Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as 'Joe the Plumber' was seen at the 'Saturday Night Live' after party 'canoodling' with cast member Kristen Wiig," and (perhaps even more disturbing) "chatting up a major Hollywood agent about starring the in next season of The Bachelor." One witness who saw Joe at his hotel the next day said, "it wouldn’t surprise me if someone got her drain snaked last night...I ran into Joe this morning at the hotel...and ever the gentleman, he refused to reveal more than his mile-wide grin." UPDATE: Psych! NYMag just updated saying this is all a total hoax. Phew! But we hear that Tina Fey and Cindy McCain totally accidentally touched hands at the end of last week's episode.