Saturday Night Live usually does a good job of rewriting on the fly in the face of a rollercoaster of a news cycle, sometimes inserting timely and relevant jokes just before broadcast. But while they covered Tom Petty's death and the Las Vegas shooting on this weekend's Gal Godot-hosted episode, any mention of Harvey Weinstein was conspicuously absent. So is it a liberal conspiracy, or were there jokes about him that were dropped at dress rehearsal because they weren't getting laughs?

Despite some grousing online by conservative critics, according to the Times, all evidence points to the latter. A source told them that "there were jokes about Mr. Weinstein in a comedy sketch that was dropped before airtime, and also in its 'Weekend Update' segment. These cuts were made simply because the material seemed to fall flat with the show’s studio audience."

The Daily Mail confirmed that there were Weinstein jokes during the dress rehearsal, with one audience member who attended the dress rehearsal telling them, "I remember a joke being made about him... I don't remember the joke, I just remember that it got a big reaction from the audience."

The Daily Mail also cornered Lorne Michaels around 4 a.m. as he was leaving the afterparty, and he said in response to a question about the material that, "It's a New York thing." According to the Times' source, Michaels meant that the Weinstein story seemed like "a New York media story with which a national television audience might not be familiar," though some chose to interpret that as a double-standard.

Perhaps SNL will tackle Weinstein on next week's Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode.