phpdUmgpePM.jpgSince Amy Poehler had to go and get knocked up, and Tina Fey's return was only temporary, Saturday Night Live has been left with a severe shortage of female cast members. The NY Times reports that two new lucky ladies, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott (Chris's daughter), have been added--and they've got awfully big heels (and Palin wigs) to fill. If you're guessing that one of these women might be a minority (perhaps to play the ongoing role of Michelle Obama?)...guess again. Lorne Michaels has, once again, shunned the idea by adding two more white women (pictured). There are supposedly still additional cast members on the way however, and with MADtv now canceled in the midst of its 14th season, maybe Lorne can scavenge from their diverse talent pool?