We sort of slept through this season of Saturday Night Live. Sure it had its moments, but the show still isn't what it used to be (even Rainn Wilson couldn't revive it for a night). The best thing to happen in recent years has been Andy Samberg and the Digital Shorts (what did you think of last nights? Watch it here). These broke out in 2005 with Lazy Sunday, and kept going strong in 2006 (see: Dick in a Box).

Last night the season finale was hosted by Zach Braff (with musical guest Maroon 5). Guess what, Braff is still talking about New Jersey! From his monologue (which you can watch below): "Here's some things you may not know about the greatest state in the world: of all the Governors of all the states, our Governor drives the fastest. 91 MPH!"

Watch more clips from the finale here, though none of them are as good as Celebrity Jeopardy with Sean Connery.

What did you think of this season?