With just two new episodes so far this season, the NY Post wonders if Saturday Night Live is really dead. It's a good, if evergreen question. Horatio Sanz is certainly no Tina Fey during Weekend Update, though Gothamist has been impressed he's been able to hold it together this long. With Maya Rudoph's pregnancy, it seems like most sketches with a female character involve Amy Poehler (who rules, but maybe she needs a break). There are always dark periods of SNL (the years after the original cast left and before Eddie Murphy arrived; after Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and David Spade left), but it's still TiVo worthy, if not stay-at-home on a Saturday night. There's always a chance there's a watercooler moment in a broadcast, and that's what keeps people watching. Gothamist hopes there will be a sketch with this week's host, Catherine Zeta-Jones, that either involves overeating or being married to a jowly old man.

What do you think of this season so far? The best moment so far was the Kanye West appearance. The NY Post also notes Juvie Hall's Saturday Night Rewritten on Sunday nights, where they perform sketches based on the previous night's show. Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller's book, Live From New York, is a great history of the casts through 2002. Whatevs has reviews of each broadcast and here are a few transcripts of shows.