Stamp collectors and mail nerds, behold the newest design in the Postal Service's line of Forever Stamps! The 2012 "Earthscapes" series features aerial shots of the world's natural, agricultural, and urban landscapes...including such fine scenery as the high-rise apartments of the Upper West Side.

All of the photos were snapped from satellites orbiting Earth or photographers shooting from airplanes. This shot was taken by Jim Wark, who used a telephoto lens to compress the distance between the towers of a high-rise on the UWS to create the all-encompassing effect. Wark's UWS stamp will be released in October, along with 15 other Earthscapes running the gamut from Mount St. Helens to Kansas crop circles.

The Postal Service, in an effort to get more youg'uns interested in stamp collecting (at least before all the post offices go kaput), is using social media more than ever before—check out their Twitter and Facebook, and see the Beyond the Perf blog, which is previewing one stamp from the upcoming 2012 line every day.