Photo via Demetrios Manolatos's Flickr

We've got it on good authority that next Thursday giant, massive, balloon creatures will be descending upon Manhattan. But don't worry, though our source was uncertain, it's probably got something to do with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Speaking of which, NBC, the network that airs the parade, got the scoop recently with a backstage look at some of the balloons and floats you'll be seeing next week, and this year features a disembodied Lady Liberty (just her arm)!

The parade begins next Thursday at 9 a.m., when you're just putting the turkey or span in the oven. This year the event turns 85-years-old, and we've come a long way since this fish float from the '30s—this year will feature a new balloon from Tim Burton, as well as all of these creations. If you want to check out the action in person, the route starts at Central Park and 77th Street, following Central Park West, and eventually landing at Macy's Herald Square, about two miles from the starting point.

The real action, however, is the night before, when the balloons are inflated by the American Museum of Natural History. We'll follow up with a map and details later!