2007_08_arts_gunn.jpgTim Gunn's Guide to Style officially premieres tonight, but Bravo served it as a surprise aperitif to Top Chef last night.

The gist: Gunn gives a makeover à la What Not to Wear's Stacy and Clinton, the Queer Eye guys, and the popular girl that takes the ponytail out and glasses off of the unpopular girl in every teen movie.

His first challenge: a woman that wears Juicy Couture sweats. There is no way to make that work! So a complete overhaul is needed. Gunn, the Miss(ter) Manners of the fashion world, is accompanied by Veronica Webb -- a sidekick who basically just agrees with him when she isn't finger waving the makeoveree's clothing choices.

Gunn's wardrobe essentials: A basic black dress, classic white shirt, jeans, day dress, trench coat, blazer...you get the idea. Of course, most DIY at-home makeovers don't include a life coach and a visit to Bill Blass studios -- so you may need to put more effort into making it work.

Does he succeed in making over the makeover show? Not really, but it's Tim Gunn - so he does class it up a bit.