If you have any interest in creative commentary on the tragedy of capitalism and human greed FREE CASH, a New York artist has constructed a giant golden calf piñata filled with money, and he's inviting you, yes, you to hate on Wall Street, hit the thing with a stick and scoop up some dolla dolla bills.

Chilean-born artist Sebastian Errazuriz constructed the piñata for the NYCxDesign festival, which kicks off tomorrow and runs through May 20th. And though part of the fun here is the opportunity to beat the papier mâché daylights out of this Wall Street bull-esque symbol of capitalism and greed (and biblical false idol), Errazuriz is turning the tables on all of us, filling the piñata with about 1,000 one dollar bills that participants can fight over once the calf smashes. "The people will be really excited to destroy the (symbol of) capital will then end up running for the capital," Errazuriz told the Daily News.

Errazuriz is no stranger to pointing out human cogs in the capitalist machine—one of his more recent projects was the "Occupy Chairs," a series of fold-out chairs emblazoned with OWS slogans like "1 % Rich, 99% Poor" and "Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit." Those chairs were hung at the 2012 New York Armory Show and offered up for $2,500-a-pop, a "Trojan horse for the 1 percent," according to Errazuriz's website.

Errazuriz told us in a statement, "The piece hints at the Capital system as an idol that we have worshiped for decades and is unfortunately proving to be false. There’s an urgent need for corrections to the Capital system that can offer a more fair redistribution of wealth." The piñata will be hung outside Errazuriz's studio at the Industry City warehouses in Sunset Park—show up with a cash bucket, burnt-offerings or a sickle-and-hammer, and watch the madness unfold.