Small Black seemed to just pop up out of nowhere and slap the music corner of the internet in the face this year, after silently toiling away in attics and basements recording their EP. Josh Kolenik and Ryan Heyner make up the duo, creating what they describe as "minimal Casio noise pop," and are joined by Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin for live shows. By the end of this week they'll have had seven more of those live shows under their collective belt, all for CMJ. Tonight they're playing ours (at 10 p.m.) — more details here.

How did Small Black come about? Ryan and I used to be in a band and have been friends for a long long while. After years of writing and recording in a group setting, we decided to just work on a project by ourselves. We spent the winter weekends last year, hanging out with my uncle on Long Island, mostly drinking Crystal Light and recording. And through those sessions, we ended up with the Small Black EP.

You've seem to have gotten some instant love from Pitchfork and other online outlets; did that have a big impact on you guys? Well after making this thing in various attics & bedrooms, it was wild to see internet folks immediately latch onto it. We finished a lot of this stuff months and months ago, but didn’t have any sort of release plan and hadn’t really shown it to many people other than our friends. The suddenly, "Despicable Dogs" was out there and we were part of a movement of bands we’d never even heard of. It’s strange what happens to things you make, when you let them out into the world. But it has opened a ton of doors for us and we’re so grateful that people are taking the time to listen to it.

Who did the remix for "Despicable Dogs" and are there more planned for the future? Ernest Greene (aka Washed Out) did the remix for D-Dogs. He’s a lovely dude and a real talent as a songwriter and producer. We completely flipped out when we heard his version. We’re also doing a remix of his song You’ll See It and then putting it out as split 7 inch on Lovepump United toward the end of the year. As far as other remixes, our friend Nasty Millz is remixing Weird Machines and we’re hoping to do a few more after that as well.

phptpzha9AM.jpg How have the live shows been going? Well for live, we add Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin on bass and drums. They are really amazing players and flesh the whole thing out, so it’s not just laptop/sampler thing. Been adding a whole new palette of sounds to the songs that we’re really excited to explore.

Over the summer we played a bunch of warehouse parties in Brooklyn but I think during CMJ we’re playing more shows total than we’ve ever played before as a band

What does the immediate future hold for the band? Well, we’ve got the Washed Out split for Lovepump in December. And a UK 7 inch single of "Despicable Dogs" for Transparent, who are putting out amazing stuff across the board. Working on a full length as well that we hope to put out in the Spring. And there’ll be some touring in the winter. Still figuring that out.

Also the video for "Despicable Dogs" should be out next month. We spent a few days hanging out my Uncle Matt on Long Island, figuring out his patterns and filming them. Unbelievably excited about it. "Weird Machines" video after that.

If you could describe your sound in under 5 words, what would you call it? minimal Casio noise pop — Juan

What current bands are you listening to? GUCCI MANE! Most exciting rapper in years. Shine Blockas is undeniable.

Washed Out EP. - Incredible tones & atmosphere.

Memory Tapes - record is effortless & gorgeous.

Cass McCombs - really outdid himself with this new record. You Saved My Life is a such a gutsy & bold pop song.

Pictureplane - Goth Star!! playing some shows with him in November

Raekwon - Cuban Linx II lived up to the years of hype.

Psychobuildings - our friend Peter’s new band. Warped post-tribal pop.

What past bands have influenced you? Human League, OMD, Eno, Gary Numan, Kraut-jams, The Raincoats, Wu-Tang, DJ Premier, Nirvana, Smog, too many more to list…

Please share your strangest "only in New York" story. Getting hustled by a guy selling mixtapes after a Goodie Mob show in high school. Bought what I thought was a mix of some sick freestyles, went home to bump it and it was just a Heavy D tape!

Which New Yorker do you most admire? John Starks & Anthony Mason (TIE) - Guts n’ Haircuts.

Given the opportunity, how would you change New York? Keep the bike lanes coming Bloomberg. Love 'em.

Under what circumstance have you thought about leaving New York? Ryan and I both grew up on Long Island, so we’ve always sort of been here, albeit a ride on the Babylon line away. I moved to Portland once for a few months for the trees and bikes and coffee. But I think I’m an official NY lifer now. Too much happening here all the time. Always feel like I’m missing something when I’m away

Can you please recommend a good weekend hang-out that isn't unbearably mobbed? Duck-Duck off the Montrose stop.

Do you have a favorite New York celebrity sighting or encounter? I saw George Plimpton ride by on his bike when I was 13 or so and getting a pretzel with my dad. Also met Ed Koch at Shea Stadium when I was a boy. He asked me, “How am I doing?” Told him I wasn’t old enough to know.

Best cheap eat in the city. New Mexico Place has my favorite burrito in the city and its 6 bucks. On Graham by the Montrose Stop. These fueled many recording sessions

Best venue to hear/play music. Our venue Bongozz was my favorite. Insane warehouse in Bushwick, but alas it’s no longer. Dead Herring & Cake Shop are a ton of fun too.