Throughout the years Big Bird has been transformed into a more frilly, sexy beast—in the name of Halloween, naturally. The first few costume takes were okay, but sometime after Flapper Big Bird things got took a turn for the trashy. An online costume shop,, has been hawking a super sexed-up Big Bird costume (pictured at the right) and the shop is now being threatened with a lawsuit coming all the way from Sesame Street.

According to E!, "Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit which produces Sesame Street, is crying fowl foul and siccing its lawyers on a variety of Halloween online sellers to ensure the scantily clad getup is given the ax." A Sesame rep says, "The costumes are not licensed or authorized by Sesame Workshop. We are working with our legal team to have the costumes removed from the market." So it seems as though all of the above pictured costumes may be extinct soon—but Sesame Workshop does have an authorized line of more appropriate ones.

Obviously it's a big year for topical Big Bird Halloween attire, and for now you can still get the costumes—including the slutty one. You'll notice they try to avoid any copyright issues by calling it the “Exclusive Yellow Dress and Stockings.”