Allen Ginsberg spent 21 years of his life (1975 to 1996) living in a fourth floor walk-up in the East Village, and now—following the death of his partner Peter Orlovsky, it's on the rental market. Earlier this month, The Allen Ginsberg Project stopped by as it was undergoing renovations, and there's little left of the poetic madman's presence. For example, the bedroom that his pal Harry Everett Smith once resided in is now a bathroom (read an interview Ginsberg did with Paola Igliori in 1995, where the two discussed his one-time roommate).

Here's the official listing for 437 East 12th Street—$1700 for a one-bedroom apartment in the East Village, filled with the ghosts of Beats past. All you have to do is beat James Franco to it. Now, when's William Burroughs's old apartment on Bowery going on the market? [via EV Grieve]