The revolving hotel room in the Guggenheim a few years ago allowed one couple at a time to sleep in the space. But what about sharing this kind of experience with strangers? The Rubin Museum has an "adult slumber party" coming up on Saturday, which they're calling a "Dream-Over... sleep-over for grown-ups." If it all sounds a little Plato's Retreat-y to you, don't worry, there will be a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst on hand to make sure you stick to a high brow, non-sexy agenda.

There will also be an art meditation workshop, dream yoga discussions, Himalayan bedtime stories, dream analysis, and lullabies; you'll also sleep beneath a work of art selected just for you. Singles tickets are sold out for now, but couples tickets are still available here. Your $216 fee will include a midnight snack and light Tibetan breakfast will also be served.

Here's video from a previous "dream-over":