Following a flutter of speculation last week, the record label SubPop announced this morning that Sleater-Kinney has reunited and recorded a new album entirely in secret. The album, called No Cities To Love, will be released on January 20th, and will be the trio's first new album in ten years. Tours of North America and Europe will follow early next year. Here's an excerpt from SubPop's appropriately giddy announcement:

Holy shit, right? We know, we’re overwhelmed by this, too. Well, we’ve been sitting on this secret for a while, but we’ve had to deal with in-the-red levels of excitement the ENTIRE time we’ve been harboring this knowledge. So kudos to us, Sub Pop Records, for keeping this secret for so long.

You’re probably wondering how, after ten LONG, Sleater-Kinney-less years, that No Cities to Love came to be. Well, the trio - Corin Tucker (vocals/guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar/vocals) and Janet Weiss (drums) - recorded the new record in top secret, highly disguised sessions at Tiny Telephone Recordings in San Francisco in early 2014, with additional sessions at Kung Fu Bakery Recording Studios in Portland, and Electrokitty Recording in Seattle. John Goodmanson, who helmed four previous Sleater-Kinney albums, produced No Cities. That’s a lot of sneaking around.

Was it all worth it? Very much yes, according to this quote from Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, this is a record that every current and future Sleater-Kinney fan should be greatly anticipating. The quote that I was saying about: “We sound possessed on these songs, willing it all - the entire weight of the band and what it means to us - back into existence.”

Attentive Sleater-Kinney fans suspected something was up last week, when a lavish limited-edition vinyl boxed set of the band's remastered discography was released with a mysterious one-sided 7" featuring the new song "Bury Our Friends." This morning SubPop released a music video of the song featuring Miranda July:

Sleater-Kinney formed in Olympia, Washington in 1994 and broke up after a final tour in the summer of 2006. Brownstein and Weiss went on to form the somewhat shortlived but excellent band Wild Flag, and Brownstein also found greater fame with the sketch comedy show Portlandia.

“I always considered Corin and Carrie to be musical soulmates in the tradition of the greats,” Weiss says in the press release. “Something about taking a break brought them closer, desperate to reach together again for their true expression.”

Sleater-Kinney is scheduled to perform in NYC at (ugh) Terminal 5 on February 26th.