The wise minds behind Anchorman, the Will Ferrell comedy about TV news during the 70s, decided to release a video of Ferrell and the rest of the Anchorman cast singing Afternoon Delight, (from Starland Vocal Band) knowing full well that the Ferrell demograhic will eat up anything that has Ferrell in it. MTV has the video, as well what the video directors, The Malloys, wanted to do with the video:

We want to play off the idea that lovemaking is happening in the afternoon. We will cut to Ron [Burgundy, Ferrell's character] and beautiful girl (Christina Applegate) having a picnic at the park. Ron will lie down a blanket and they will start to make out. He will also bring out some food like macaroni salad and leg of lamb and mix it in to the lovemaking.

July 9th, Anchorman's release date, seems so far away.

See The Malloys' reel here (click "Directors," then "Black Dog Films," then "The Malloys" - damn Flash navigation). And Gothamist on Anchorman.