Sketchy Interviews is a new recurring series on Gothamist in which we will feature visual interviews with some of the best illustrators, cartoonists and graphic artists working in the city today. For our inaugural entry, we spoke with Roz Chast, who has been drawing neurotically funny cartoons for The New Yorker (and other publications) since 1978. Her carefully-sketched, frenetic style perfectly conveys the heightened drama that often erupts from the complications of everyday life, from hailing a cab to dealing with your mother-in-law. She has also written several books, including last year's hilarious paean to her hometown, Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York. You can find more of her work here.

What’s your favorite NYC wildlife?


What is your nightmare NYC scenario?


What’s the weirdest or most memorable thing you’ve seen on the subway?


What's your favorite item of food in NYC?


What would be your utopian idea to improve NYC?