2006_01_timgunnskates.jpgHave we mentioned that Project Runway might be the best show on Earth? Last night, all remaining eight designers to wear tacky skating outfits and to ice-skate. Even Tim Gunn skated awkwardly! And Emmett, who we call "The Barnacle," wore this crazy fuschia blouson! The challenge was to design a skating outfit for Sasha Cohen (who recently won the national championship, ensuring her a place on the Olympic team, but since Project Runway was taped earlier, they kept calling her a national "silver medalist"). This proved more difficult, as they had to deal with more Lycra-fabrics and with Andrae's hysteria over the overlocker sewing machines (they are the machines you'd want to sew Lycra with). But they did get to hoof it to NJ and ice-skate in a train - they all seemed to get along then. Here are a couple things we noticed/wondered with this episode:

- Does Robert from Season 1 sit outside the Project Runway production offices, hoping they'll using him again?
- With all the eliminations, Emmett was living by himself at the Atlas; he reminded us of Boo Radley, as he is isolated, tall and pale
- Santino looks good as a mad Russian skater
- Does Zulema have sensitivity to light? Because she's always wearing her sunglasses during the Runway.
- We're so glad Marla's model, the one who refused to wear reveling lingerie, was "out"
- Is "tooty" the tooty of "cute-patootie" Rosie O'Donnel kept going on and on about?

Santino's design was signature Santino - tons of details. He said he wanted to make Sasha look like a phoenix rising out of a fire, but it was more like a fire of out his ass. He did do a Michael Kors impression, saying, "She's looks like a baboon's ass exploded onto her backside." Well, yes, pretty much - and anyone with half a brain could have called it when Santino was one of the "worst" on the runway.

[For the spoilerphobic, the discussion continues below]

Even Santino's own model, Heather, told him to stop adding feathers and other crazy elements (see the dress). But even though Santino was the runner-up to be outed, the judges decided to boot Emmett, for his boring and maybe too revealing design - Anne Slowey from Elle, sitting in for Nina Garcia, berated Emmett and his dress for show too much "tooty." Gothamist personally liked Chloe and Nick's designs best (see Chloe's here and Nick's here). There wasn't much of Nick or Chloe in the workroom, or Daniel V., so we're not sure what to make of it.

Zulema won for her "Swan Lake" outfit; it was nice, but we thought it was actually too revealing for teeny Sasha Cohen (she's more cute than sexy). And we suspected Zulema would win this challenge, because we remembered from the "upcoming scenes from this season" after the first episode, Zulema asks the models to do a "walk-off" to pick a new model. We think Zulema poaches Nick's beloved Tarah.

As ever, Tim Gunn's blog is hilarious. And for more Project Runway blogging fun, try Blogging Project Runway! And next week, Jay McCarroll is a guest judge!