0804sjp.jpgFirst Madonna dissed New York City, calling it "boring," and now Miss Sex and the City herself is saying it's "not what it used to be." Sarah Jessica Parker may actually be doing us all a favor, however, by discouraging the inevitable flock or Carrie Bradshaw-wannabees from moving to the Big Apple after The Big Movie comes out later this year.

SJP told the Daily News that Manhattan is "a really hard city, and it's very expensive and it's not what it used to be. That's why the outer boroughs are so desirable." But hold that chin up high future Carries, she adds that New York "still is the place with a lot of promise and a lot of potential. And if you have the constitution and you manage to stick it out, it's well worth every obstacle and every stumbling block."

Even though her show made places like Brooklyn seem undesirable and ugly, the 2008 Carrie may think "the outer boroughs are pretty sexy," at least, that's what SJP declares -- she even included that "it's just a matter of time before they have their own shows."