Starting tomorrow and running sporadically through October 1st The Playwrights Theater will be staging (pun totally intended) 6 plays, for free, all over the city. With New York as a backdrop, we're pretty sure this is well worth checking out. The settings include two Manhattan parks, Roosevelt Island, a rooftop, a carousel, and DUMBO. The playwrights are all well respected and were hand-picked to create one short play each, using the site of their choosing.

The plays and their playwrights are listed below, all are performed together.

Dual: Kia Corthron’s play focuses on a pair of Harlem children who live near a park built around a waste-disposal plant.

Weather: Sung Rno’s lastest short tracks the changing atmosphere of relationships present and past.

Stanley: Lisa D’Amour’s 2004 piece summons to the present a character from the dramatic literature of New Orleans, her hometown.

Soak: Sheila Callaghan’s play is collaboratively developed around the hidden mysteries of a loft space.

A Short Time After: Caridad Svich captures intimate conversations floating through the air in this short work.

The Island of Never Giving Way on Your Desire: Jason Grote pursues otherworldly presences in a city of islands.

Artistic Director Philip Hopkins touches on one of the many things that makes this idea unique, “All six short plays are shown each night, but because each night is in a different location, the whole takes on a new meaning.”

[Sanctuary Playwrights’ Theatre’s Six Nights Project will be performed September 23-25 and September 29, October 1, 2004, in various locations in New York City. Each event is free and open to the public, and tickets can be reserved by emailing sanctuarytheatre@pipeline.com or by calling the theater at 718-859-6625. The theater will specify the times of the performances as well as the directions for the locations. For more information, please visit the company website at Sanctuary Theater]