Maybe it's because Frances Bean Cobain is all grown up, but we've been feeling a little nostalgic for the early '90s lately. Beyond getting misty-eyed for plaid shirts and Doc Martens (oh wait, just kidding!), we also miss the abundance of zines that enjoyed semi-mainstream popularity for a hot second. In fact, small-press, self-published fanzines started way back in '30s, mainly for sci-fi geeks, eventually evolving to a form of communication for politically-inclined '70s punks and, later, '90s riot grrls. Sadly, in the past decade, the popularity of zines was waned, thanks mainly to The Internet. Lately, however, there's been something of a zine resurgence, where readers blinded by a constant technological onslaught seek out anything that's genuinely handcrafted. Here's a quick look at six local zines that are worth hunting down.