Last year, Six Flags Great Adventure announced it was adding a 415-foot drop ride called Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom for 2014. But now the ride's opening has been delayed for a second time.

The Star-Ledger reports, "Just a few hours before members of the press were scheduled to get a taste of a steep drop ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson today, park officials again delayed the opening. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom was first slated for a Memorial Day weekend opening to the public, then that was nixed. Now, with a new opening date of July 4 just days away, the press preview of Zumanjaro as been canceled because the park has not secured a state permit to run the ride."

On Zumanjaro, passengers experience a 90 mph drop, which means the ride lasts 10 seconds.

The park said, "The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Carnival-Amusement Ride Safety Unit has not yet granted the operating permit. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is a very complex, innovative ride, and the state’s review of documentation is still underway." The Star-Ledger adds that a spokesperson "attributed the May delay to bad weather during construction of the ride, citing wind as a menace to workers in building a ride so high off the ground, since gusts can prove more troublesome to a crane 500 feet in the air."

Here's how the amusement park envisioned the ride:

And here's video of the ride being tested: