Last nights episode was soooo good. The point of it...Simplicity? Resolve? Facing fears? It was a collective sigh of relief. It was an untitled piece of art that each viewer interprets differently. In the end the point was everyone is still alive despite going through their own battles, so life is their blank canvas if they're willing to see it. Our predictions for what these characters will do with their blank canvas next season...

George won't see his canvas as blank, he'll suffer a mental breakdown and either leave Ruth or just shut down completely.

Ruth has no time to paint! She's tending to the ailments of her crazy husband.

David will leave his canvas blank and enjoy the simplicity in life, even in it's darker shadows.

Keith will paint some sort of twisted "love slave to that creepy rich guy" erotic painting. It will be velvet and tacky.

Claire will blow rails off her only partly original canvas, and perhaps join Nicole Ritchie in rehab. Billy will visit them both.

Nate will help Maya try to paint a realistic family portrait. Stick figures will be involved and we'll all enjoy the innocence of it.

Brenda will paint ink blots and ask everyone else what they see in them.

Your thoughts on this season?

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