Walking to the subway the other day we passed a billboard in Times Square that reminded us that we have a favorite tv show that is ready to come back and fill a Sunday night slot that has just been vacated.


First things first, why does HBO make us wait an eternity to see their best shows? The Sopranos just ended on Sunday and now we have to wait 18 months for the next episode? Anyway, this Sunday, Six Feet Under comes back to us after a “brief” 9 month hiatus.

At Gothamist some of us don’t even remember what was going on when this show ended last season. Is Nate still In the hospital? Is Ruth married now? Is David still gay? Whatever happened to Arthur, the young creepy guy that lives upstairs and kissed Ruth? Well, Gothamist has some answers for you.

Six Feat Under Season Finale 2003 Recap
When last we left the dysfunctional Fischer family…

Fed up with stressful home life, Rico had just received a bit more than a lapdance from a stripper in his car. Aren’t those illegal in California?

On-again off-again David and Keith were last seen eating cake in the kitchen during Ruth’s wedding. They were trying to make things work.

Ruth got married.

Arthur seemed upset at the wedding, taking his cake upstairs where he most likely will have an ill-fated attempt at keeping his feelings bottled up inside. There will be an inevitable out lash from this one, which Gothamist is calling right now. Arthur will unleash his wrath this season. Move over Billy, you've got some competition. Wait, where is Billy?

Claire had a vision or dream that Gabe (her ex-boyfriend who liked to get his toes sucked) and Lisa (Nate’s baby’s momma) were both dead, and that Lisa was taking care of Claire’s “baby” in Heaven.

Nate learned of Lisa’s death, got bombed at a local dive bar and then went to Brenda’s house.

Phew….all caught up. So what is in store for the Fischer family? All the ads are leading us to believe that all is well in Funeral-land, California, but that wouldn’t really be right, would it? There is a new father figure in the house, and it looks like we will start to see him try to take some control of the house. Nate will more than likely get back together with Brenda, but we know that will lead to some drama. David and Keith: do we see a gay marriage coming up? I guess we will all have to tune in at 9:00pm, this Sunday June 13th to find out.

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