Photos via Fresh Bread and Mike Weekes flickr

Were you looking forward to a nice long subway ride to Coney Island this July for the Village Voice's annual Siren Festival? Stop packing your beach bags, it's been cancelled! After ten years the Fest is getting a new location, and a new name—along with the announcement that Siren would be ending, the paper has announced that they're bringing the 4Knots Festival to the South Street Seaport. The first of what they say will be an annual event will be on July 16th, and until then you can follow along on Twitter. This morning publisher Josh Fromson told us:

“For ten successful years, Siren was an amazing event that was a part of our history at Coney Island. Over the years, the community of Coney has been wonderful hosts to us and we are grateful for all their support. This year we decided to take a new spin on our event by expanding into a new part of New York City to touch even more of our Voice readers with a great event for them. The Seaport is the perfect location to continue to showcase future music chart-toppers as Siren did, on one summer afternoon for free, to music fans of every age.”

In the meantime, here's what we do know. The event will be an all-day, free affair, and we're told that "the type of event and bands that will be booked will certainly be along the same lines." Also, the press release is really playing up the East River! It declares: "Historically, the lower portion of the East River has been one of the busiest and most important channels in the world. Beginning this summer, there will be a new reason for people to flock to the area, ironically which was once also known as the banks of the Sound River. Running between every borough of New York City and culminating near the South Street Seaport, the East River runs at a speed of 4 knots. "

And, well, that explains the name. As for the lineup, the paper says they'll have an announcement in the coming weeks.