Recently we were asked to answer some questions about the New York singles scene for Forbes.com. You can check out some of our answers here. We found it interesting that New York City is the #1 best city for singles (#5 city overall - culture, nightlife, cost of living, jobs, etc). Due to the amount of people here, it's harder to meet someone outside of your own "circle", not to mention monogomy is practically an urban legend. But we did it, New York, we're #1. Go team go.

Here's a list of the top 10 overall cities:

1. Denver-Boulder
2. Boston
3. Phoenix
4. San Francisco- Oakland
5. New York
6. Raleigh-Durham
7. Seattle
8. Austin
9. Washington- Baltimore
10. Miami

Graphic from Forbes.com

UPDATE: From a staff writer at Forbes, "New York is not the No. 1 city for Singles, it’s the No. 1 city for Number of singles." We figured since we're #1 on the "Best City for Singles" chart that meant we were...#1. Well, at least we're still #1 at something, even if it is just for there being a lot of single people here.