Do you feel like you don't have a partner? Do you ever feel like the streets kiss you windy? Are you free tonight at 6 p.m.? If so, you can come down to the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO (under the Archway) to help set the record for the greatest number of people singing the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ "Under the Bridge." That's right: "Under the Bridge" under a bridge. No word on whether you'll be expected to wear a sock on your junk.

The event is being put on by DUMBO branding agency Red Antler, the DUMBO Improvement District and RecordSetter, a website devoted to the utopian ideal that there are a never-ending supply of random world records to go around. Lyrics to the song will be handed out to everyone who wants to participate. Arrive at 6 to be counted—the record will begin promptly at 6:30. The whole thing will be recorded and premiered at RecordSetter’s upcoming book launch at powerHouse Arena on December 9.

Now, we're not the kinds to look a gift chili pepper in the mouth, but we're a little confused as to why they're singing a song by a defiantly Californian band in NYC. But regardless, we hope this is the start of a new wave of RHCP fandom. Just imagine the possibilities: "Give It Away" sung as a promotional tie-in with Target (or a 99% protest anthem against Capitalism), or a "Scar Tissue" singalong at the emergency room Columbia Presbyterian!

We've contacted the band to see what they think about the event.