A former Burger King on Knapp Street in Brooklyn will be host to simulated explosions this afternoon—get out the popcorn? The explosions are for Cymbeline—a modern adaptation of the Shakespeare tragedy—starring Ethan Hawke, Mila Jovavich, Ed Harris, and Dakota Johnson (the 50 Shades Of Grey girl), and the scene description provided makes it sound like the abandoned fast food joint will become a battleground:

"A battle in urban wasteland between a biker gang and local police. Various interior-exterior scenes in small empty Burger King and surrounding private parking lot. 3 Picture Squad Cars, 8 motorcycles. prop guns, handcuffs and AK-47. Flame bars and smokers. Prop cadaver smolders on gurney. The interiors and exteriors are happening simultaneously as the battle engulfs the closed Burger King. The entire company will be staging on the private exterior parking lot on premises of the closed Burger King."

The crew and stunt team will take over the area of Sheepshead Bay this afternoon, blowing up cars and everything else in site from 2 to 5 p.m. NYPD and FDNY will be on the scene, as all film productions using pyrotechnics are overseen by the FDNY explosives unit. But will it be as insane as that fireball explosion Boardwalk Empire gifted Brooklyn with last year?