It seems like young, affluent hipsters are always finding something new to do with their voluminous free time. Remember the Rated X parties from earlier in the year? The ones that clogged your Flickr streams with low-quality amateur porn every couple of weeks? Well, the phenomenon has mutated and it's been gelatin-ized. The Amateur Female Jello Wrestling people have been staging monthly events since 2003-- but it's only recently that they've captured the attention of the legions of NYC photobloggers. Sadly, the influx of cameras usually marks the shark-jumping moment of any nightlife meme, so you'll have to hurry to get in on the slippery fun.


But this post isn't just about cheap thrills. Let's learn about Jello Wrestling, shall we? From their FAQ:

What is the Jello?

The Jello we use is not actually Jello. It is better than Jello. It has no color, no sugar, and is 99.5% water. It is called "Super Absorbent Crystals," which is a polymer that holds water in a solid form. These Magic Crystals swell up 200 times their size when put in water. We use 2-3 lbs of Crystals to make around 50 gallons of jello for our show. Please check out the website and buy some if you like. We like this product best because the girls only get wet (not sticky or slimy) and because it is simple to make. Just add the crystals to the water and wait an hour and voila! You have jello!

How much does it cost to see the show?

Admission is free if you wrestle. And only $2 for women who do not want to wrestle. Gentleman are charged $10 each to get in, or only $5 if they come to the event with a woman. We do this to greatly encourage women to attend, because most women who see the event want to participate the next time.

I want to wrestle! What do I do?

Females of all sizes, shapes, and skill levels are encouraged to participate. Just come to our "Wrestle Lesson" which is always at 6:30pm before our 8pm show. At that time you will meet the other wrestlers and learn some fun stunts. Our wrestlers have stage personalities and names and often dress to fit their character. We will help you to find yours. Please invite your friends to the show to cheer for you as you achieve your wrestling glory. If you have any questions please send Dana an email with your questions at DanaSterli@aol.com


Pictures above by Brian Van, Tod Seelie, and Kaitlyn Tikkun. And check out more pix from previous AFJW shows.