0804rave.jpgThe countdown is on, and even the pickiest of neighbors can't complain of noise at this evening's public rave. An "exchange student who only moved here from London a few months ago!" is behind the outdoor public and SILENT rave (yes, of course there's a Facebook page dedicated to it).

The basic premise is thousands of people turn up in a public place, plug in their own iPods, listen to their own music and dance and rave for hours!

This is pretty much what it looks like

. Into it? Take some invisible E, bring your dimmed glowsticks, and don't worry if you don't have rhythm because no one else will know what you're listening to! The organizer endorses his event by calling it: "a bloody brilliant" idea.

Witness it, or participate, tonight in Union Square around 6 p.m. -- and if you get any good shots, send 'em over!

Photo via internationalsmuggler's flickr.