Good news to all fans of scuzzy indie rock—shuttered DIY space Silent Barn's coming back, and it is upgrading its scuzzy factor tenfold by moving to Bushwick! The venue, which was originally located in the Ridgewood section of Queens, sadly became another one of New York's recent DIY space casualties last year after the venue was raided by cops, then brutally vandalized and burglarized.

But after a lengthy search (and pretty profitable Kicktarter campaign), the operators have settled on a space on Bushwick Ave. They've also taken legal steps to protect themselves; in Ridgewood, the venue housed residents in addition to the main performance space, violating the building's zoning code. Now, artists can live in properly zoned apartments above the central performance space, which will hopefully keep cops from shutting Silent Barn down again.

"Usually, in DIY, you just walk away, because the man can't get you, and you are operating under specious circumstances," G. Lucas Crane, one of Silent Barn's operators and frontman for local band Woods, told Brooklyn Daily. "But this time, we didn't walk away." An opening date hasn't been set for the new, 7,000 square foot space, but we're looking forward to checking out some awesome shows there in the near future.