Former FHM editor/MTV Road Ruler, and current all around fun-making machine, Jake Bronstein, is at it again. The NY Post (and everyone else) is reporting on his love letter service. That's right ladies (and gents: his girlfriend Kristina Hoge is a fellow scribe) if you hand over your address, you'll get a hand-written love letter in return. Not an email, mind you--this sucker is actually going to land in your mailbox, just like in the olden days.

Bronstein told the paper that he came up with the idea last month because "people get very depressed this time of year, and it's nice for them to get a little shot of love from a stranger." Of the thousands of requests, he's got about 200 completed, and even said "somewhere in here there's a request from a J. Aniston in Beverly Hills. Who knows?"

NYMag's jaded li'l heart just isn't that into the idea, but they do suggest that "Bronstein could provide not just lame love letters but all of the sort of crap provided by the kind of idiot boyfriends ladies acquire out of boredom. Like for instance he could come over and play tuneless guitar while you try have a conversation and do things like say he's going to take you out to dinner somewhere great and then neglect to make a reservation so that you end up eating at like Whitecastle."

As for Bronstein, he tells us he's received a total of three love letters in his life, and not one was a reply through this project (to which he says, "I'm used to it. From time to time I send out prizes on Zoomdoggle, no one ever says thanks. Maybe it's the nature of the net. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong."). A sample letter is waiting for you after the jump.

Photo of Jake Bronstein at Sesame Street with "us" by Jen Carlson. Love letter added via Photoshop!

Dear You,

I didn't know what I was looking for or what it would look like when I found it... then I met you.
I guess it stands to reason, I rarely know what I'm hungry for before I go to the supermarket.
Thank you for being the perfect sandwich.