That's not okay, Kelsey.

TV deals are the new book deals! For awhile it seemed like every new blog that hit the scene would have a book deal before you could hit refresh—This Is Why You're Fat, Stuff White People Like, Postcards From Yo Momma—but now all the cool kids are doing one better and turning their twitters and blogs into TV pitches. First there was Shit My Dad Says on CBS, then FML landed a deal with Adam Sandler's production company, and now TMZ tells us that Kelsey Grammer has started a reality TV production company in order to launch a show about the creators of That'sNotOkayNY.

Apparently says that a sales tape has been shot and sent out to networks but the newly re-married Grammer hasn't sold the show yet. Which means we get to try and imagine what in the world a television show based around inane one-line posts would look like. In case you aren't aware of the site, it features comedy gold like:

Uhm, never mind, we actually really don't want to imagine this show.