As if the graffiti and anti-hipster sentiments weren't enough to prove that Staten Island may indeed be Williamsburg II, the borough is raising the bar by opening up NYC's first ever tattoo museum! How hip is that? It's set to open this summer in a space above one-named local Dozer's Island Tattoo shop. The SI Advance notes that the plan is "to create three tableaux in the 500-square foot space, with automated mannequins depicting tattooing methods. Video and sound elements will add explanation and atmosphere to each scene." Other relics and photographs of the hundreds of firefighters who came in for their official commemorative WTC tattoos will also be on display. As a nice side note: All money from each of those tattoos has been given to firefighters and their families. Dozer is sure to be the main attraction of the museum, however, along with his 6-year-old son, who the paper claims is "an aspiring gynecologist."