shrimp1.jpgIt's hard to believe, but according to this Times' article there is just too much shrimp out there. Too many shrimp farms in Southeast Asia, combined with increased competition from China and other countries has driven prices for wholesale shrimp so low that farmers are having to go back to farming salt. Now those must be some low prices.

I'm no global economist, so I'm in no position to comment about the various forces reshaping the global shrimp market, but I do like shrimp cocktail. In fact, I love shrimp cocktail, and I'd eat shrimp cocktail every day if I could. I guess there just aren't enough people like me around to eat all the extra shrimp being produced. But I'd like to try. The best shrimp cocktail I ever had was at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles- fresh, delicious, served outside on the patio. Damn- I never thought I could name-drop in a post on global shrimp production, but I guess I just did. Please kill me.