Puss in BootsBlah blah blah, Shrek 2 made over $100 million over a five day period, which is a record for any film except Spiderman 2 and a record for an animated film with the voices of a Canadian, former model, one of the greatest comics, a Spaniard who stars in some great Almodovar films, a member of Monty Python, and Mary Poppins (while Shrek 2's record breaking is legit, if we had a buck for everytime Hollywood makes up these so-called records..."record for a film starring Brad Pitt in a toga directed by Wolfgang Petersen after The Perfest Storm" - Jesus, Gothamist would like to write the press release for New York Minute: "Record opening for twins of any kind in a film co-starring someone from SCTV"). Whatever. Gothamist went to see Shrek 2 and while it's entertaining and all, it's not that great. There are a number of fun in-jokes, you know, clever jokes that will appeal to adults only while kids laugh at the incongruities of a donkey becoming a horse, but overall, it lacked whimsy and heart that makes other animated films transcend their format and be remember as movies (think Spirited Away, Iron Giant, and yes, Disney films like Dumbo and Toy Story). Shrek 2 seemed to be more about being a great DVD later on, so you can stop and pause to admire the cleverness of the writers and animators, but as a film, it's pretty shallow. There are some structural issues as well (splitting up the two ostensible leads, Shrek and Fiona, being the main one, making it seem like a bad romantic comedy) that don't benefit the film. But, if you really want to go, the animation is dazzling and while Jennifer Saunders as Fairy Godmother is delicious and Eddie Murphy/Donkey is a scene stealer as ever, however the best thing about the movie is Puss...in Boots. In the name of disclosure, we didn't much care for the first Shrek, but at least that one seemed new to us. And, yes, Gothamist is a curmudgeon.

Defamer on box office "records".