City views, serene parks, a gondola that will whisk you away to Manhattan, a view of the beautiful 59th Street Bridge... why aren't we all living on Roosevelt Island?

According to Curbed, Island House (a former Mitchell Lama building turned co-op) has now put six units on the market—this studio is bigger than your one-bedroom and it only costs $392,000! That's a great deal for anyone who has managed to save money and isn't still paying off student loans. You can't rent a storage unit for that in Williamsburg! Prices go all the way up to $1 million in the building, located at 575 Main Street, and more will be on the market soon.

Have you been to Main Street, by the way? It looks like a creepy Stepford street, with uniformed storefronts that have very literal signs. "Child school," "Flower shop," etc.


But check out that wide oak-plank flooring! And did we mention the pool? [h/t Roosevelt Islander]