Crowds wait in front of the Paramount Theatre before a Frank Sinatra performance, October 21st, 1944. (Getty Images)

Yesterday the daughter of the late great blue-eyed Frank Sinatra took to Twitter to continue the ongoing campaign to get a statue of her dad planted in New York City—specifically, Times Square. Singer Nancy Sinatra directed the Tweet at Mayor Bloomberg, saying, "please help us."

In 2011 she explained the Sinatra family's efforts and hurdles: "We were given stamps of approval from every department in the city, the DOT, the Arts Council who held a competition of New York local artists, the Mayor's office and the city engineers who checked the supports under the street to make sure they could handle the extra weight of the statue footprint. All of the T's were crossed and Is were dotted and, until we ran into the Broadway on Broadway gang, the statue was a done deal and ready to go to the foundry."

As for what era of Old Blue Eyes would be depicted, should this statue ever happen, she says the artist made a mock up of Frank in his "The Voice" glory days at the Paramount Theatre, the scene of the Columbus Day riots in 1944 (which photographer WeeGee captured).

We've reached out to Sinatra to find out what the latest obstacles are, and will update if we hear back from her.