Because you probably haven't thought about Lena Dunham in several hours, let's take this opportunity to debate the merits of her choice of footwear. Uggs, which we're told is a style of boot that nearly tore America apart in 2006, were recently spotted on Dunham's feet in an Instagram photo posted by the daughter of Carroll Dunham herself. As if to preemptively forestall any snarky blog criticism that would surely be sparked by her fashion choice, Dunham cleverly titled the photograph "Oh eat shit."

Are Uggs relevant? Is it true John Wilkes Booth was wearing Uggs when he assassinated Abraham Lincoln? Have you seen Lincoln? Is it true there's too much scenery-chewing? What are we doing here? Has anyone watched more than three episodes of Girls and not wanted to round up everyone under 25 and send them to forced labor camps for the manufacture of new Steely Dan LPs? Do Dunham's November Uggs mean global warming is a myth?

At press time, it was unclear why the hell I'm writing about this and not Jen Carlson, but for insight into why this is being reported in the first place, here's an earlier Gchat exchange with Gothamist's publisher and Carlson:

Jake: Maybe you should do a post about whether it's acceptable for Lena Dunham to wear uggs
Jen: I saw that... I don't know
Jake: Isn't it time for some seasonal Ugg shaming?
Jen: I think they are mostly shamed when it's NOT freezing and people are wearing them. Anyway, just seems like a transparent grab for pageviews.
Jake: yeah, PVs are the last thing we need.

But don't let that distract you from the topic at hand: Have Uggs come full circle into fashion, having been so "out" they're "in"? Or should we (I?) take a big heaping handful of random pills, draw a warm bath, and get out of here before we're subjected to the next season of Girls? Either way, we think we're on the same page with one "leslye_headland," who follows Dunham on Instagram and writes, "They're super comfortable! No shame! They are the shoe equivalent of fucking the nice guy who sends you McSweeneys links! I ruined mine in the rain. I also ruined the McSweeneys guy."