Jonah Hill was spotted filming a new Vampire Weekend music video at the iconic Zabar's on the Upper West Side on Wednesday, which is both Peak Vampire Weekend and also the most Upper West Side show biz thing that's happened since locals lost their shit over the Ghostbusters reboot filming in the neighborhood. And for the cherry on top, regulars just trying to shop at Zabar's were kvetching about it the entire time.

"People were shopping the whole time!" Jackie Leitzes, who took the photo up above, told West Side Rag. "Many folks were totally oblivious and one lady got mad because the PAs were blocking access to ‘her dinner’ in one of the cases! So Upper West Side." A crew member also told someone at the shoot that the video would show "a day on the Upper West Side."

Below, you can hear a snippet of the upcoming single (possibly titled "Sunflower") and see Koenig (in blue baseball cap) and musician Steve Lacey behind the counter. Lacey, who is in The Internet and has also collaborated with the likes of Ravyn Lenae, apparently is featured on a few tracks on the album, including one titled "Flower Moon" which Vampire Weekend briefly previewed last summer.

You can see a few more pics of the shoot below:

Last month, Vampire Weekend announced they will be releasing their first album in over five years, Father Of The Bride, sometime this spring. Koenig described it to Rolling Stone as a natural progression from their previous records: "On our first album, most of the songs were written in college, and it had a very youthful vibe,” he said. "On the second and third records, the wide-eyed enthusiasm dimmed considerably. You see more of the world, and you’re more and more disheartened. But that trajectory can’t go on forever. After you make the black-and-white album cover with the songs about death, you can’t go deeper. This is the life-goes-on record."

You can listen to the first single, the Stones-by-way-of-the Dead "Harmony Hall," below.

The band will also go on tour this summer and fall, including a date at MSG which was announced during a Knicks game at the Garden.