2006_04_brooklynstyle.jpgGothamist doesn't know what makes our head explode more, but we do know that we have New York magazine to blame/credit. The city's sewer system might poo up city beaches! Is Daily Candy worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Brooklyn (as in, the hip parts of Brooklyn) merits a big section about lifestyle stuff, including where to buy your very own $5000 duct taped chair, since it's gauche to take the one in Gramps' garage (it's like Martin Crane chic!). Or that Julia Roberts is "No Worse Than Mediocre" in her Broadway debut? It's a tough call, but maybe it's that Kurt Andersen makes a case for Internet 2.0 being better than Internet 1.0...maybe! We especially liked the revelation that a banker cold-knocked on dot-coms at the Starrett-Lehigh building (you may remember it from such TV appearances as, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart edition) offering capital back in 1999. We totally applied for a job at one of those dot-coms in 2000, but when we called back to follow up, they were closed!