DJ Kool Schumer J

Senator Chuck Schumer is not actually a hip hop or rap or any type of music expert, even if he has been spotted hangin' with Jay-Z and Beyonce in the past. In Williamsburg, no less. At a Grizzly Bear concert. Still, he is a politician, so we're guessing he probably doesn't even know what Chillwave is, even if he's riding his bike all over Brooklyn. So the fact that he mixed up L.L. Cool J and DJ Kool Herc is really not very surprising.

According to Politicker, over the weekend Schumer was speaking at a gala scholarship dinner at the annual New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus association weekend, when the subject of 1520 Sedgwick came up.

The building in the Bronx is thought of as the "birthplace of hip hop," to many, because it was there that Kool Herc first mixed records and introduced extended break beats. In 2008, Schumer began lobbying on behalf of the tenants to preserve the building's affordability. When addressing those efforts this weekend, he told the crowd, “I have kept my promises to you that, while I have clout in Washington, I will do everything I can for our dear State of New York. So, when greedy landlords in the Bronx wanted to close the home on Sedgwick Avenue where L.L. Kool Herc invented hip hop and lots of hardworking people lived, we stopped them." Maybe Kool Herc can mix up some old Cool J jams? Maybe Schumer is on to something here? Or maybe in the future Schumer will be able to separate the two by remembering that LL Cool J is a Republican. Also:

Kool Herc

Cool J