Over 30,000 cyclists braved the chilly rain yesterday for the Five Boro Bike Tour, the annual mass bike ride through precious car-free streets, highways, bridges of NYC. Stretching 40 miles, the route brings bikers up the length of Manhattan, with a dip through the Bronx, followed by another jaunt back down through Manhattan to Queens, then Brooklyn, and finally crossing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the finish line in Staten Island.

It started raining soon after the ride started, and photographer Tod Seelie reports losing feeling in his fingers about three-quarters of the way through. As usual, parts of the ride were crowded and slow, but there were places where the crowds thinned and participants were able to bike at their own pace with plenty of elbow room.

"I'm cold. I'm freezing," one exhausted cyclist told the Staten Island Advance after finishing the ride in Staten Island. Asked if it was worth it, he replied, "I don't know, I haven't decided that yet. I'm cold. It was a good ride, but the weather was just horrible, that's the only thing."

Ultimately, Seelie tells us that "everyone seemed in very good spirits, despite the difficult weather." Click through on the photos to see for yourself.